Looking for a church home? We are looking for YOU!

So you’re part of the family of God – or want to be – but don’t have a group to fellowship with?  Believe it or not, you are not alone!  Even though it seems there are churches everywhere, it is difficult to know how to start attending one.  Let’s face it.  It is kind of scary to go to a new place – especially a church - and not know what to expect.

But I believe that being a part of a church family is of utmost importance and worth the risk.  First of all, if you are a Christian, then the “church” IS your new extended family.  Just as families help shape you, teach you, offer support and encouragement, cheer for you, and more; so does the church family.  In this family of God there are classes and Bible studies in which God’s Word is taught; you will find people to encourage you and help you get through the tough times; you will find people to laugh with and hang out with; and more.  You will find a group to grow with spiritually and find purpose that leads to living a fulfilled life.   You will find opportunities to serve and share your talents and giftings as well.

Which brings us to the point that we are looking for YOU!  You need a church family and we need you.  Just as being part of a family – or church – benefits the individual, so does the individual benefit the family – or church!  Your uniqueness and who you are brings richness, and maybe even a whole new branch of ministry, to the church.  At Christian Life Center we believe that there is a place for you. 

Everyone wants, and needs, to fit in somewhere – to know that they belong.  We invite you to come and visit and stay.  At Christian Life Center you will find a warm welcome and a family atmosphere.  You will have a place to learn and grow and worship and belong.

We are looking for you!