Sometimes people feel that they would like to help, but are physically or otherwise unable to do so.  Praying for the church and all of the ministries is one way in which you can make a difference.  All ministry starts with prayer.  Please pray for wisdom and protection and the leadership and workers and those being ministered to.
Another tangible way in which to help is to give financially.  All ministry and outreach that takes place and will be happening is supported by the tithes and offerings of people.   Your gift will make a difference.  When seed is sown, a harvest can be expected.   What could be worth more than a harvest of souls?  The lives that will be blessed and touched and changed forever because of your love for God and your ministry donation will be part of your legacy.
Maybe you cannot give what you feel is significant to make a great difference.  But every seed sown will bring forth a harvest.  Any offering of any size is so very much appreciated.  From providing Christian educational materials for the children and youth to the furnishing of a Ministry Home, supporting missionaries, or keeping our food cabinet open…every offering is a gift that sows into lives and the work of God.  We appreciate and thank you for giving.
To give, you may simply mail any offering to Christian Life Center, PO Box 494879, Redding, CA 96049, or stop by.  Of course we participate in giving as a regular part of our worship services and church meetings and our ushers will be happy to serve you at that time as well.  You may also use the “Donate” button below.


If you’d like to donate by a credit card or PayPal, just click on the Donate Button.
PayPal is a secure way to send money even if you don’t have a PayPal account.