Young Adult Fellowship

From college and career days through the days of young family life, the time of young adulthood is a period during which many changes are experienced.  Join in all of the church classes and Bible studies for discipleship and growth through this time of transition.  Then come take part in scheduled Young Adult Fellowships and connect with others in your age group.


Silver Strands the 50 years old and better group

Fellowship and Service. Many opportunities to serve one another and serve the body of Christ are available to this maturing group of God’s people as we continue to grow together.  Scheduled fellowships provide a special opportunity to connect with one another.  Come join us!


Women's Ministries – The Apron and the Oil

Our Women’s Ministries is a ministry to the women and also a ministry by the women to the church.  Thus the name, “The Apron and the Oil.”   As we serve in many capacities we glorify God and we see by His anointing that His purposes are fulfilled in our lives, our families, and our church.

Come and take part in our Bible Study Classes and Fellowships.  Volunteering to help with service in many areas is a wonderful way to get to know your sisters in Christ and to begin to feel like you are more a part of the church family.


Men's Ministries

Our Men’s Ministries includes fellowships, Bible Study, and opportunity for service in our church.  As we grow together and serve together we are strengthened to become the men and fathers and leaders God has called us to be.  Our vision is for continual growth and maturity and to nurture God’s work in our lives and families and church.

Join us for Bible Studies, classes, events, and fellowships as they are announced.  Let us grow together!